There has been a tremendous buzz in the Musical Theatre world in the UK, generated by a two day event at The Park Theatre, London, called BEAM16, mounted by Musical Theatre Network and Mercury Musical Developments. It was dubbed, by writer Dougal Irvine, as a sort of musical theatre version of Cannes.

I am so proud to have been a part of the initial stages of this as a Board Member of MMD and as a supporter of writer friends over the last two days. MMD and MTN created an event to be proud of, loads of fantastic work, networking, deals made, laughter and drinking. From where I'm standing the UK Musical Theatre world looks like one of the most most exciting areas of theatre to be in at the moment, there are no boundaries, no rules and the possibilities are endless.  We are starting to value ourselves as British writers of the genre at last and are hoping to develop new audiences and new connections. Exciting times!


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