I Capture the Castle

I Capture the Castle
I Capture the Castle based on the novel by Dodie Smith Book and lyrics Teresa Howard music Steven Edis

Friday, 29 February 2008


Three scenes from POSSESSED were used as part of the E15 Drama School Directing course. I went up to Essex University to sit in on the workshop, run by Dr Michael Fry. This was a fascinating experience. They used two very experienced actor/singers and a wonderful pianist called Stuart Barham. What was most interesting for me was to see how much of the underlying intentions of the characters had been communicated through the text. The directors understood the layers extremely well and they managed to bring the scenes to life, along with the assistance of the performers. I answered their questions about the piece and the biographical background and tried to guide them as much as I could over the scenes when asked. It was an intense day but I felt that I understood what I had written a lot better by the end of it and I think the directors gained a lot from actually having the writer there with them for feedback.

One particular director called Jules Tipton, was particularly fired by the peice, and came to the workshop with lots of ideas. Her scene worked extremely well, partly because I think she had put a lot more thought into it than the others. She has asked if she can sit in on the rehearsals for the showcase.


In the end we did decide to use images of Jane Morris for the advertising. Although it is more costly having to pay for permission to use famous artwork the images are so good it was difficult to reject them in the end. ASRA came up with a beautiful design for the front cover of the flyer using a very early photograph of Jane taken by Rossetti in 1858. ASRA have overlaid the photograph with a William Morris wallpaper design called marigold - the effect is strangely ghostlike, as if Jane were emerging from the wallpaper. On the back we have used the Blue Silk Dress image. We had to get permission from the V & A, the William Morris Gallery, Kelmscott Manor and the Bridgeman Art Library to use all these images. The flyers will be available next Friday.

Friday, 8 February 2008


I am liasing with ASRA Design to produce a flyer for the showcase. We have confirmed most of the details with the Oxford Playhouse and now have to decide what we are going to use as an image. We either go for an image of Jane Burden from a painting or photograph or produce our own photo representing Jane in Oxford. The advantage of using our own photo is that it will not run into any copyright problems and could possibly make the show more interesting to a younger audience.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


We are going to be using multimedia design in the showcase. Peter Dunphy, a film designer who worked on Pan's Labyrinth and Karl Roberts from JABOD, have agreed to be our Multimedia Design Team. Last night Helen Eastman, our director called a meeting with Steve and I and the Multimedia design team. This was to establish why we were going to be using projection and animation, how we wanted it used and to discover what ideas the team had. It was also an introduction to the process of making theatre for the film designers.

We are also going to be employing a lighting designer to create the atmospheric lighting on stage and liase with the film design team and the theatre.

Peter came up with some very exciting ideas, although we will be limited by time and money to do as much as we would like. However, we all want to use the showcase to give a sample of what could be done in performance.

It was decided that Peter and Helen would liase over which areas of the musical the projections would appear and Peter and karl will then create some samples for us all to look at by 20th March.

This was a very exciting meeting, a combination of two worlds so different, that even the language had to be translated! We are very lucky to have such an amazing multimedia team on board.