I Capture the Castle

I Capture the Castle
I Capture the Castle based on the novel by Dodie Smith Book and lyrics Teresa Howard music Steven Edis

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Rifco Arts' Move to the Palace Theatre Watford!

Last week I went to a Celebration of Rifco Arts' work, at Watford Palace Theatre - to mark the companies residence there.  They have been Creative Associates of the Theatre for many years and are now resident at the Palace offices.

Rifco Arts' Artistic Director Pravesh Kuma says that "Rifco and Watford Place Theatre already have ambitious plans together.  The Palace are a major partner with us in our Autumn 2011 national tour of Britain's Got Bhangra, which will be rehearsed and open in Watford."

The Gala night was a roller coaster visit to all the brilliant shows the company has been producing over the years, and ended with some scenes from Britain's Got Bhangra.  The multi talented Dougal Irvine, a friend from MMD, wrote the lyrics for BGB.  It was conceived and directed by Pravesh Kumar with music by Sumeet Chopra.  I can't wait to see the opening of the re-worked show at Watford later in the year!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lionel Bart Memorial Masterclass

The MMD Lionel Bart Memorial Masterclass was a fascinating evening of song and fabulous feedback from Richard Stilgoe and Bill Rosenfield, hosted by the Drama Critic from the Stage - Mark Shenton.  Along with our song ONLY MEN, were also new songs from Dougal Irvine and Richard Voyce.  

Becky Moult gave a rousing rendition of our song accompanied by Katy Lipson on piano.  Both Richard Stilgoe and Bill Rosenfield said our song was "terrific" and also gave some useful criticism on how they felt we could improve it.  Bill particularly liked the melody and style of Tango that Steve had written for this song.  Richard Stilgoe said that I CAPTURE THE CASTLE had all the qualities needed for a good musical and wished us the best of luck with it.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Richard Stilgoe Masterclass

Becky Moult

Royal Academy of Music graduate Becky Moult will be singing ONLY MEN, a song from our musical I Capture the Castle, at the Richard Stilgoe Masterclass at the Drill hall tonight.   Becky played the part of Mrs Cotton in the RAM workshop and showcase of I Capture the Castle last summer.  Becky is a wonderful, versatile performer with a fabulous voice.  She is represented by Maitland Management.

A Stage Kindly's Katy Lipson is going to be playing the piano for our song ONLY MEN.   Katie MD'd the April Revue at the Kings Head and The Space recently, where one of our songs HUNGRY SEA was sung by the young talented singer Caroline Hardman.  Steve was very impressed by Katy's musical prowess as an MD and so we are delighted that she will be playing our tango number from the show tonight.

The Masterclass is one of the Lionel Bart Memorial Masterclasses which are held every year at MMD.

Katie Lipson

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Richard Stilgoe Masterclass

We have been invited to present one of our songs from I CAPTURE THE CASTLE for the Richard Stilgoe Master class at Mercury on 10th May.  We have decided to present ONLY MEN, a song which we think needs some more work, and so it will be really helpful to get feedback from Mr Stilgoe.

Apart from all his comedy musical writing for TV Richard Stilgoe wrote lyrics for many of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals, including Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies.  With his brilliant musical humour we are hoping he will be just the right person to help us with this song.

Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Pre-Raphaelites

Astarte Syriaca by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

On the 1st of May Andrew Lloyd Webber paid homage to his love of the Pre-Raphaelites in a programme on ITV1 called 'Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Pre-Raphaelites'.

He owns a substantial collection of PRB paintings, which he started collecting many years ago.

You can see this programme for another week on ITV Player

The interesting thing that I took from this is programme is that he says that Rossetti and the Pre-Raphaelites have been more loved by ordinary people than by the great art critics - having seen a huge blown up picture of Rossetti's Proserpine in Las Vegas, he was told that it was there because it was the most popular greetings card.  He also said that he felt that the Pre-Raphaelites are extremely relevant to today, with their very British passion. He believes they will become increasingly popular as time goes on.

Our musical POSSESSED, tells the passionate and dramatic story of Rossetti's love for William Morris's wife Jane.  All the way through Lord Lloyd Webber's programme I hear echoes of the iconic Rossetti and Morris words that come through the songs and dialogue in our musical.  It is also interesting that many of the songs that have been used for the programme have that same Celtic feel that many of our songs have.