I Capture the Castle

I Capture the Castle
I Capture the Castle based on the novel by Dodie Smith Book and lyrics Teresa Howard music Steven Edis

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

John Sparks Masterclass

Today I had a masterclass on the book of our new show with LA Producer and writer, John Sparks. We met at the Hampshire Hotel in Leicester Square, which was bang in the centre of town but quiet and a good place to talk. I will use it again.

He had not read the novel that the musical is taken from but this turned out to be really helpful, because he had no assumptions about what was going on. It was a lively and exciting meeting and I left feeling I wanted to get back to my desk straight away to get on with it!

The interesting thing is that revelations which are kept secret from a reader of the novel need to be shown to the audience in the book, it is only the other characters who have to be kept in the dark. At the moment I haven't been quite honest enough for the audience and this is what I have to tackle now.