Cyrano at Chichester Festival Theatre

As Peter Lathan, the critic for the British Theatre Guide, tells us "Steven Edis provides some exceptionally lovely music" for Trevor Nunn's production of Cyrano de Bergerac at Chichester Festival. I went to see the show on the second preview and had a wonderful evening. The music had been studio recorded but although this is not the way Steve usually works he found it interesting and it had a lot of scope for refinement and alteration which is not possible with a live band. Although everyone prefers live music there was so much going on on stage and such an enormous cast I can quite see why this was not a priority but if it goes into the West End I do hope we will have live music.

Joseph Feinnes is a very exciting Cyrano, totally believable, with just the right amount of Panache and vulnerability. He is an intelligent actor and it was wonderful to see that he is just as good on the boards as he is on screen. His co-star Alice Eve, who plays Roxanne is superb and gives a depth to the character which I had never seen in previous productions.

It is quite a trek to get to Chichester and back for such a long evening but well worth it. The time swept by and I loved the production and thought Anthony Burgess's new version of the play was brilliant!


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