Richard Stilgoe Masterclass

Becky Moult

Royal Academy of Music graduate Becky Moult will be singing ONLY MEN, a song from our musical I Capture the Castle, at the Richard Stilgoe Masterclass at the Drill hall tonight.   Becky played the part of Mrs Cotton in the RAM workshop and showcase of I Capture the Castle last summer.  Becky is a wonderful, versatile performer with a fabulous voice.  She is represented by Maitland Management.

A Stage Kindly's Katy Lipson is going to be playing the piano for our song ONLY MEN.   Katie MD'd the April Revue at the Kings Head and The Space recently, where one of our songs HUNGRY SEA was sung by the young talented singer Caroline Hardman.  Steve was very impressed by Katy's musical prowess as an MD and so we are delighted that she will be playing our tango number from the show tonight.

The Masterclass is one of the Lionel Bart Memorial Masterclasses which are held every year at MMD.

Katie Lipson


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