I Capture the Castle

I Capture the Castle
I Capture the Castle based on the novel by Dodie Smith Book and lyrics Teresa Howard music Steven Edis

Saturday, 15 March 2008


Steve and I had an intensive day working on the last three songs. We have almost cracked them now, but I still have a new verse to write for Topsy (Morris). Steve's music for the Gabriel/Janey love song MORE THAN LIFE, gave me that tingle down the spine that every lyricist dreams of.

We also had a meeting with Martin Lamb, who was up for the part of Mr Carter. Martin is totally different from Andrew McDonald, who played Mr Carter at the Greenwich Showcase, but we both immediately felt he was right for the part and have signed him up. He has a gloriously rich sounding singing voice and will be perfect playing alongside Natalie Wright as Bessy. He has also worked with the director before.

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