Two Temple Place

It looks as if the Pre-Raphaelites are the flavour of the year in 2011.   As well as the extensive exhibition at the V & A there is also another exhibition planned for next October featuring William Morris and his work.

A new gallery to showcase art from the UK regional collections is being created at Lord Astor's old mansion - Two Temple Place.  The beautiful Neo Renaissance style mansion was built in 1895 and is now owned by the Bulldog Trust.  The inaugural show in October 2011 will feature the work of William Morris from the collection at the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow, while it closes for refurbishment.  The Gallery at Walthamstow was threatened with closure but managed to gain a £1.5 millian grant from the Lottery Fund towards refurbishment and extension.  David Barrie, the former director of the Art Fund is the curatorial advisor for the Two Temple Place exhibition.  The show will be free


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