Looking for Lowry

On Sunday morning Steve and I were invited to the preview showing of Foxtrot's new film LOOKING FOR LOWRY, along with the cast and crew.   We are hoping to work with Foxtrot at some point.  This was a fantastic new documentary film about Lowry's life presented by Ian McKellan who was also Lowry's voice.   There were also moments with Noel Gallagher from Oasis, and the artist Dame Paula Rego.   It was directed by Margy Kinmonth.

Foxtrot are a BAFTA award winning film company and have produced other notable films including: NAKED HOLLYWOOD (BAFTA 1991), THE SMOKING DIARIES,  THE SECRET WORLD OF HAUTE COUTURE (nominated for a Prix Italia 2007) and THE STRANGE WORLD OF BARRY WHO? (Royal Television Society Award 2002).

LOOKING FOR LOWRY is going to be shown on the ITV Network on Sunday 24th April at 10.15pm.

I was not a great lover of Lowry's paintings until I saw this film - so do look out for it - there are some real surprises!!  Ian McKellan's sensitive performance is such a joy to watch.


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