I Capture the Castle

I Capture the Castle
I Capture the Castle based on the novel by Dodie Smith Book and lyrics Teresa Howard music Steven Edis

Friday, 15 April 2011

Caroline Hardman singing Hungry Sea

A Stage Kindly made a video of the April Revue at the Kings Head.  Here is footage of the wonderful Caroline Hardman making her stage debut singing HUNGRY SEA from our Pre-Raphaelite musical play POSSESSED.  This is one of the ballads sung by the lead character of the show - Jane - wife of William Morris and lover of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.  After turning a blind eye to Jane's relationship with Rossetti, Topsy (William Morris) can no longer cope with it and gives Jane an ultimatum.  All her hopes and fears come pouring out in this song.

The imagery comes from the Tristan and Isolde legend.  The artists have been working on a series of stained glass windows based on the legend, which has begun to infect their lives.

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