French Retreat

Where better to be doing re-writes on I Capture the Castle than at my friend Lizzie Jackson's house in St Hilaire, near Carcasonne.  This amazing fairytale castle is just up the road!  I was chained to the desk at Lizzie's over the weekend.  Apart from writing all I had to do was to put wood on the fire.

Last Thursday Steve and I had a meeting with Brigid Larmour at Watford Palace Theatre.  It was an exciting afternoon: discussing the musical book, planning how we were going to present the work at the showcase and doing casting.  We also sat round the piano and sang Brigid one of the new songs we had just completed.  I left knowing it was going to be a busy time in St Hilaire, which it was, but also wonderful to escape London for a few days and be staying in such an inspirational place.  I think Dodie would have approved.


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