Puss in Boots at Hackney!

The Hackney Panto is another glorious success!  
Written and Directed by Susie McKenna with Music by the one and only Steven Edis!
Choreography by Frank Thompson
Design by Lotte Collett
Musical Direction by Mark Dickman

There are just a few more days left of the show, which runs until 5th January with Kat B as Puss in Boots, Sharon D Clarke as Queen Tallulah the Hoo Ha, Josefina Gabrielle as Evil Witch Evilena and Stephen Matthews as Dame Nettie Knowall.  The reviews, as always, have been fabulous:

"All Hail Hackney, basically" - Telegraph

"A slick machine of tongue-in-cheek contemporary references, ebullient choreography, singing that rocks the building and teasing innuendo" Time Out

"Gleefully eclectic" Metro

"Puss in Boots is really full force panto" The Upcoming

"When it comes to pantomime, Hackney Empire wears the tinsel crown." The Times


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