Tiny Shows - Big Gestures

Big Gestures for Tiny Shows with Jennifer Toksvig

Over the Weekend of the 13th and 14th June I worked on an immersive Tiny Show Project with The Copenhagen Interpretation and Women Who Write Musicals.  It was led by the creative genius that is known as Jennifer Toksvig.  Above you can see her explaining.  She had to do quite a bit of explaining  about the process at the beginning but once we all got it we flew with it into the world of immersive theatre, creating Tiny Shows on the theme of Cinderella, for an audience on the Sunday afternoon.  The pressure was on but some beautiful tiny moments of theatre emerged from it.

When we arrived on Saturday morning we had no idea what any of this was really about.  When I left on Tuesday evening I had written two songs and found a new writing partner!

One of my favourite photos of the weekend, Composers Olly Weeks and Sayan Kent
Opera singer Belinda Evans and Olly Weeks performing our number Perfect Girl
about the guy who wants to be a Fairy Godmother!

Here you can see some of the ideas for shows under the titles of Tension and Transformation!


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