Concert Reading at the Royal Academy of Music

Tomorrow we have our Concert Reading at the Royal Academy of Music.  It has been a very exciting week watching the musical grow.  I have been writing and cutting dialogue at a furious pace, songs have been moved and pulled around to make them work better.  We had no song for the end of the show so I wrote a reprise for it last night - we all felt it really had to end on a song.  Steve created a harmony structure for it, in what seemed like a matter of minutes, and it was wonderful to watch the cast bring it to life.

Karen Rabinowitz, the director, is the Musical Theatre Course Leader, at the Academy.  She has been amazing with the cast  and a complete joy to work with.   The cast have worked incredibly hard and it has come such a long way since those hopeful beginnings in January when we presented them with just a couple of scenes to work on.    Today the emotion was really beginning to flow as they worked their way through the run and at last I could see it all coming together.  It is a wonderful story to work with and our take on it has been very different from the film.  Tomorrow, it will be very interesting to see the audience reaction.  We have still got a long way to go but bit by bit we are putting it together... that's what counts!


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