I Capture the Castle - Concert Reading

On 11th July we had our Concert Reading of I CAPTURE THE CASTLE at the Royal Academy of Music, directed by Karen Rabinowitz, with a cast from the Post Graduate Musical Theatre course.  As the opening bars of the first song came, I was there, in the Castle kitchen with the rain pouring down outside and Cassandra sitting writing her diary on the sink.  As soon as the laughter came I breathed an internal sigh of relief - it was working!  The pace was terrific and the cast were wonderful - the characters they had molded through the workshop got the pay off they deserved - with laughter and emotional response from the audience.  It was an incredibly exciting afternoon.  All the work that the director and actors had put in really brought the musical to life.  The song we had moved from the first half to the middle of the second act, really worked in its new place, and the reprise of the first song, that we hurriedly wrote in rehearsals to end the show, left a lot of the audience in tears by the end - so we have decided that it must stay!

The feedback we have had from the audience has been been very positive and now Steve and I can both see far more clearly what we need to do to get it to the next stage.

The cast:
Suzanna Kempner - Cassandra
Phillipa Cookman - Rose
Terri O'Ryan - Topaz
Matthew Johnson - Stephen
James Meunier - James Mortmain
Ross Barnes - Simon
Tom Little - Neil
Becky Moult - Mrs Cotton
Stephen Sutherland - Swann


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